The 58th Meeting of the Study Group for Route Charges

The costs of air traffic management (ATM) services in Europe are funded through Air Navigation Service charges. Air Navigation Service Providers from the European Organization of Air Navigation Safety - EUROCONTROL member states recover the cost for facilities and services provided to airspace users by means of route charges.

In 1971, in order to operate a centralized system for the collection of route charges, Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) was established, which now has the responsibility to operate the common route charges system consisting of 41 Member States. The executive body in charge of supervising the operation of the route charges system is the enlarged Committee for Route Charges, consisting of Member States’ representatives at the senior level. The enlarged committee established an advisory group of experts called “The Study Group for Route Charges”, where the members and observers of the enlarged Committee for Route Charges and/or their nominees, as well as experts from the CRCO, carry out examinations of various issues and collect information which might have a potential impact on the Route Charges System.

This year, on September 20-21st, for the first time after becoming a member state of EUROCONTROL in 2014, Georgian Air Navigation Service Provider - SAKAERONAVIGATSIA is hosting the 58th meeting of the Study Group for Route Charges.

SAKAERONAVIGATSIA is hosting delegates from EUROCONTROL member states, Central Route Charges Office and other organizations.