Special Announcement of Sakaeronavigatsia

We express our concern regarding the safety violations in the Georgian Airspace due to the Russian Air Force activities when it bombed Georgian territory during the period of 08-08-2008 till 12-08-2008. Lots of serious violations were recorded.

Starting 08:03 LT on 08-08-2008 a lot of foreign military flight activity was observed in Georgian Airspace and especially in the Tbilisi TMA. Simultaneously around five to six fighters, according to the displayed primary radar tracks, were always present in the area performing flights with their trajectories constantly intersecting the final approach.

At 00:30 LT on 09-08-2008, a bomb was thrown at the Senaki MSSR - a civil MSSR. Luckily enough the bomb fell about 150 m away from the radar.

At 04:37 on 11-08-2008 with a rocket, a military aircraft hit the civil ASR-12 radar complex (PSR + MSSR) and completely destroyed it.

At the moment Sakaeronavigatsia is normally performing its usual aeronautical services applying all of the required safety regulations.